Permanent Visa for Doctors New Zealand

Straight to Residence Visa for GPs to New Zealand

Last year in 2022 saw the introduction of the Straight to Residence Visa. This is a fairly new pathway which allows migrants apply for residency in New Zealand from overseas.

You can apply for this visa if you either currently work for an accredited employer or if you are overseas and hold a job offer with an accredited employer and your role is on the Tier 1 Green List.

“The Straight to Residence pathway provides an incentive for migrants who have skills in hard-to-fill, nationally significant roles that New Zealand needs to speed up our economic growth,” Michael Wood, NZ’s Immigration Minister said.

Snapshot of NZ Residence Visa for Doctors

  • Allows you to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely
  • You must be 55 and under to apply
  • Application cost $4290 in NZ or $4890 if applying from the UK
  • Include your Partner and any dependent children under the age of 24
  • Must have a job offer from a NZ Employer

As a GP you are on the Tier 1 Green List any job we help you find will be with an Accredited Employer. This will give you the option to apply for this fast track Straight to Residence Visa.

Visa application Processing Times

When this visa was announced last year there were no processing times, however Immigration New Zealand have now published that 90% of these visas are being processed in 76 days and 50% of visas are being processed in 35 days.

The current processing time is still longer than the Accredited work visa (temporary) however with the relatively short processing times, this makes it a viable option for doctors working overseas wishing to make NZ their permanent home.

Can I apply for NZ Permanent Residency?

As a doctor thinking about relocating to New Zealand, you may be going on a working holiday or wishing to make NZ your permanent home.

The first step is to chat to Emma about looking for a GP job in New Zealand, your timeframes for moving, your family and how this all fits in with a permanent move.

This visa will require additional supporting documents such as birth certificates, police certificates and English language requirements which of course, will take a bit more time and planning.

Find out More about Permanent Visas for Doctors

Are you interested and would like further information? Our Immigration Advisor, Nicola, is happy to discuss and give advice on the best visa pathway for yourself and your family. Please do get in touch either filling in our contact form or getting in touch with one of our team. 

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