Helping GPs Work in Australia and New Zealand

What We Do: Help GPs find dream jobs in Australia and New Zealand

We are a small team based in Edinburgh in the UK and we’re passionate about helping doctors from the UK, Ireland and further afield find their dream GP jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

We have close relationships with GP practices and work really hard to find you some of the best jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

We will help and guide you through each stage of the process from finding you your dream job and location to managing your medical registration and visa paperwork and providing advice to ensure you settle in your new environment.

Why work with Transition Medical?

The team is led by Emma Cook who has over 15 years experience in helping GPs relocate to fantastic, supportive practices in Australia and New Zealand. We know where to find the best GP jobs and understand the complexities of the move. We have a great portfolio of past clients, all of whom are very happy living Down Under. Moving has allowed them to improve their work / life balance and achieve a wonderful standard of living. We’re so proud to have helped them reach their dream of working in Australia or New Zealand as a GP.

We’ll Connect You with Doctor Jobs in Australia and New Zealand

We work with many of the leading GP practices in Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, we’ve developed great relationships with these practices after successfully providing them with suitable GPs who very quickly settle into a fantastic lifestyle. Throughout the process, we’ll provide you with practical advice specifically tailored to your individual circumstances. So, you’ll always feel supported during the crucial transition period.

Transition Medical, a GP Recruitment Agency You Can Trust

We believe in keeping things simple and are experts at providing friendly, professional support. We think you’ll find Transition Medical a great resource for helping you move to Australia or New Zealand.

Get in touch with one of our international medical recruitment specialists today. Whether you’re only thinking about moving or actively applying for GP jobs in Australia and New Zealand, we can assist you with every part of your journey.

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