I only have positive feedback for you and Transition Medical. Kirsty, Emma  and the organisation have been amazing every step of the process. They  helped me out with this huge amount of paperwork which made everything a lot easier!

Dr Steffie , NZ,  January 2022


Moving to the other side of the world seemed quite daunting at first but with the guidance I received from Emma and Kirsty, the whole process was made incredibly smooth despite the multiple hurdles along the way. I recommend transition medical every day of the week and twice on a Sunday!

Dr Ali, Australia October 2021

Photo of Dr. Dan

Thank you so much for facilitating our move to New Zealand; especially given the task of finding 2 GP placements. The whole process with transition medical was smooth from beginning to end and we felt there was a very personal approach to finding the right practice for us, with no pressure. Would 100% recommend Emma, Kirsty and the team to anyone looking to relocate (in fact, we are already telling our friends)

Dr Hannah and Dr Dan,  NZ, July 2021

Transition Medical helped me to find a job in New Zealand. From start to finish, the service has been excellent and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to relocate.

Dr Anna, NZ, January 2021

I have been well, managed isolation was nice! I was in a wonderful hotel, Stamford Plaza, and my room was spacious and the food was great. Dan and his family have been very welcoming, invited me on a few of their activities. Everybody is friendly. I am just shadowing at the moment and start work properly this Friday, a bit nervous as still haven’t got a full grasp of the computer system and how things are done here (is different because of it being rural) just yet. But with time that will improve I’m sure.

I just want to thank you again so much for all of your hard work getting me from that first step of contemplating working in NZ to now actually being here. You have been incredibly supportive and on my side throughout, which made this journey smooth sailing even though it is on the other side of the world and a big decision, you helped to make it a much easier decision. I feel lucky to be here, NZ is beautiful and have only seen a tip, and I can only hope this feeling will last forever

Dr Nalini, NZ

I would like to commend the team at Transition Medical for providing a highly personalised and friendly service, which enabled me to find the perfect match for my requirements.  Transition Medical is the safe pair of hands you need, to prepare for what is perhaps one of the biggest moves of your life, and I would strongly recommend them

Dr Gulshan, NZ

You guys were the best! You responded so quickly always, were always available when I called and came up with great ideas without me asking (work to residence visa)  Thanks Emma, Kirsty and the whole team.

Dr Lex, NZ

Thank you so much for all your help getting me to Oz. You guys were phenomenal and I would not be here living the dream without you. We are settling well and even all had swim after work and school yesterday for sunset. When do we do that at home? Thanks again!

Dr Jane, Melbourne

I contacted the Transition Medical team when looking to relocate to Australia as a GP. The staff are amazing to say the least. They made the daunting process much easier and were highly efficient and very professional.

They found me a job that suited my needs, arranged for a phone interview, took care of the bulk of the paperwork and guided me through the process. The application process seems never ending but the staff take a massive burden off you by completing a lot of it for you – which was a God send while I was still working in the UK and applying to work abroad.

The staff are all very friendly and approachable. The speed at which they respond to correspondence is to be commended. Overall I could not be happier with the help and support provided by transition medical. I already have a Friend using them to move out to Australia as GP and she is having just as positive an experience as I had. I would have no hesitation in recommending Transition Medical. One word – amazing!

Dr Bilal, Melbourne

I found the team very professional and caring. It’s a big move with lot of hurdles and steps which can become tedious without proper support. Emma knows almost every possible complication which can arise and solutions.She deals with most queries so good continuity. Also very prompt in response too. I would definitely recommend her and her team.

Dr Srithan, Sydney

“It’s lovely here, people are very friendly and feels much more relaxed. I used  Transition Medical, they were fantastic and made it very easy for me. They have people to help with NZ registration and visas which was relatively painless. They got me a job quickly, much more proactive then any other avenues I tried.”

Dr Dave, NZ

Emma Cook was/is the reason I am now working in Australia. She answered every question I had, and found me a job that was truly ‘tailored’ to my needs, a bespoke service if ever there was one. She calmly negotiated any hiccups that I had along the way, which thanks to her professionalism were minimal anyway. She will be my first port of call if I am ever looking for a job again.

Dr Omar, Perth

I made the decision a few years ago to move to Australia as I was becoming disillusioned with the NHS. Emma put me in contact with a number of great practices in Perth and arranged interviews for me whilst offering great advice and guidance.

I am still at the practice she put me in contact with and haven’t looked back. I would highly recommend her.

Dr Jan, Perth

I met Emma when starting my emigration to Perth, Western Australia. I quickly found her to be an excellent source of knowledge (and reassurance) during what was an exciting but uncertain time. She assisted with every facet of the move from finding a placement with a practice, to medical registration in Australia and attaining a visa. Any questions I had were answered promptly and comprehensively.

I have now been in the same practice she found for me four years ago and have not looked back since my arrival. I have found the working conditions, flexibility, capacity for earning and, above all, lifestyle for my family and I to be far superior to my experience in the UK.

I would encourage any doctors considering a move to Australia to get in touch with Emma for some advice and guidance and hope that you love the sunny side of the world as much as I have!

Dr Charles, Perth

Life here is excellent. Working as a GP here is much better both professionally and organisationally. Work life balance is awesome. Kids thriving. We’re loving exploring and have made lots of new friends. We’ve applied for permanent residency which should be coming through soon and are about to lay the concrete foundation for a new home we are building in Adelaide! Wonderful place especially for young families.

Dr Paul, Adelaide