The team at Transition Medical have been amazing from the very beginning of my application and applying for a GP position to arriving and starting work in Melbourne. Both Kirsty and Emma were super helpful and quick to respond to any queries that I had. The registration process is quite long and complex and I would highly recommend Transition where Kirsty guided me through this step by step. It would be hard to imagine doing this without their help!

Dr James, Australia Feb 2024

I highly recommend Transition Medical for any GP from the UK thinking of moving to NZ or Australia. I am confident I couldn’t have done it without them!

From our first call 10 months ago to checking in on me here now that I have started the job, Emma and Kirsty have been very communicative, helpful and supportive.

I am now working with a lovely team in beautiful Wellington and want to thank Transition Medical  fort all their hard work!

Dr Emily, New Zealand, Nov 2023

GP Testimonial Wellington

Transition Medical have been fantastic throughout the whole process. Emma was helpful in finding jobs….we had 4 or 5 to choose from!

Life in Australia – people are friendly, you see fewer patients and have longer appointment times for more pay.

Dr Emma, Australia, April 2023

It’s beautiful weather in the middle of winter, lovely and sunny outside. If you get the chance then go for it!

Dr Simon, Australia, April 2023

My experience with the team was amazing. From the initial meeting to moving to New Zealand, they have been very helpful.

Dr Chamal, NZ, Dec 2022

The guidance from Transition Medical was invaluable. They have supported us every step of the way and kept in touch ever since.

Dr Teresa, Australia, Feb 22

Emma was so helpful from the get go, she was so informative which put the confidence in us that we were connected with the right company. I found a role exactly where we wanted and they made the whole process so simple.

Dr Aisling, Australia, May 2023

Thanks to the exceptional service of Emma and Kirsty, all the steps and hurdles during the whole process became more clear and easier to handle. Transition Medical has also been very prompt in response, and made my relocation to New Zealand as smooth as possible. I have found a wonderful job with lovely colleagues, no regrets at all. I would definitely recommend Transition Medical to other people, who are thinking of a great experience abroad.

Dr Lindsey, NZ, May 2023

tree trunks and plant near shore

I just want to say thank you so much for all your help.  You were brilliant at responding to all my queries and answering my 100s of questions! Could not have managed it without it and I’m so grateful for your support!

Dr Suwetha, Australia April 2023

Emma and the team couldn’t have made it any easier to help me move over to Christchurch from Manchester. From day one and throughout they were always responsive to any queries I had. They were also really clear in what actions I needed to take in order to progress through the steps from finding a job to having a visa approved and being in a position to finally buy flights. Their hard work and brilliant communication made the whole process stress and hassle free. Thanks everyone!

Dr Tom, NZ, Mar 2023

One of the things that sets Transition Medical apart is their understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by medical professionals who are relocating to a new country. Emma and Kirsty have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area, and they are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Overall, I highly recommend Transition Medical to anyone who is seeking a job in the medical field in New Zealand or Australia. With Emma and Kirsty’s expert guidance and support, you can feel confident that your job search and relocation will be a smooth and successful process.

Dr Nick, NZ Feb 2023

I’m so grateful for Transition Medical and especially Emma and Kirsty for realizing me a job in New Zealand. They did their work fantastically and were very kind from beginning till end. I would highly recommend them.

Dr Jesse, NZ  Feb 2023

Emma and Kirsty have been extremely helpful in finding a place to work in New Zealand. They were guiding me from start to finish in this process in a very professional and personal way and both of them were very fast in responding to any questions. I would highly recommend Transition Medical to anyone who considers to work abroad!

Dr Frank NZ, Jan  2023

I would definitely recommend transition medical to facilitate a move to Australia. Emma and Kirsty were really helpful, always prompt at replying to emails, friendly and very supportive. It would have been so difficult without them to navigate all the paperwork.

Dr Kate Australia Jan  2023

From start to finish Emma and Kirsty have been efficient, responsive and caring. Making the move from the UK is a big decision never mind the complexity of paperwork and organisational aspects. Kirsty and Emma were on hand at every stage.

A selection of jobs and opportunities were presented, we really felt they took the time to match us with the “right fit” They checked on our progress regularly and even after making the move they’ve been interested to know how we”re getting on.We can’t recommend them highly enough! If you are looking for a new life “down under” you can’t go wrong with Transition Medical.

Dr Josh and Dr Jen, Australia  Jan  2023

From the outset, both Emma and Kirsty made a very daunting task of moving to live and work in Australia seem very achievable. Emma was a very personable, approachable and supportive contact in the initial months of this process and was able to provide much guidance and many potential contacts for a GP post. She was sympathetic to the challenges which lay ahead and has continued to offer support and guidance even after undertaking the move. Once the post had been arranged, Kirsty was instrumental in undertaking the paperwork and guiding me through each and every step of the administrative process.

I cannot recommend Transition Medical highly enough – they made my family’s move to Australia extremely smooth and represent a highly skilled and professional team.

Dr Simon Australia Jan  2023

Love Transition Medical. Emma and Kirsty have been super helpful, their work is outstanding. They are so kind, supportive and efficient. My transition from the UK to Australia was easy because of them! They told me what to do and what I need etc. I recommend them 100 percent. Thank you Emma and Kirsty for all that you have done for me.

Dr Thevam Australia December 2022

Transition Medical has been very helpful in my process of finding a job as a GP in New Zealand. Emma has guided me along the way with finding the vacancies, interviews and contract negotiations. Kirsty was very helpful in the process of the Medical Council registration. Both were very friendly, attentive and quick to respond when I had any questions. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Transition Medical again in the future!

Dr Stijn NZ  October  2022

Thanks to Emma and Kirsty at Transition Medical for helping me land an amazing job in Australia! When I started the process of making enquiries, I initially tried contacting other agencies as well, but I did not like the locations on offer, I felt dismissed and I was made to feel as if I had unrealistic expectations. In contrast, Emma carefully listened to what I wanted, and was the only one that was able to match me to my dream location when others couldn’t.

The service and knowledge Transition Medical provide is excellent, and they helped me every step of the way. Without them I would not have been able to complete this complex move. I am now working in a beautiful practice with a great team in a city near the beach. I highly recommend their services!

Dr Ines Australia August 2022

I would like to thank Emma and Kirsty at transition medical for all the help and support I received from them. Emma is knowledgeable and guided me very thoroughly right from the beginning. Kirsty helped me get through the medical council paperwork with ease. They both are very hardworking and prompt in their response. It was great working with Transition medical which is a very reliable recruitment agency. I would highly recommend Transition medical to anyone considering relocating to Australia or New Zealand.

Dr Sush NZ  September 2022

From my first email enquiring about moving to NZ to the last email checking I was settling in, the service provided by Emma and Kirsty has been incredible. I honestly have no idea how much paperwork was involved because it was all done for me. Whenever I had a question they had the answer and always replied promptly. On top of this there was an ongoing global pandemic and the extra help given about the managed isolation process was invaluable. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the whole process and couldn’t think of doing the relocation without them.

Dr Andrew NZ  February 2022

Emma and Kirsty have been fantastic in organising my move to New Zealand. Let’s face it, there is loads of admin required to move and work abroad, especially in medicine. It’s been really helpful having Transition medical find me a job that fits my requirements, and guide me through all the steps involved to make it a reality.  Access to a specialist visa advisor meant I didn’t have to fill all those forms out.

Since being here, I know other doctors new to New Zealand had to do this themselves. It has given me peace of mind to know that there is a team who know the complete process, so I could concentrate on other things instead.  Emma and Kirsty have always been quick to respond to emails and calls, with a friendly disposition. Contacts with transition medical feel personal rather than interacting with some of the larger companies. I highly recommend their service.

Take a look at my new home!

Dr Caroline NZ  February 2022

I honestly cannot thank Emma and Kirsty at Transition enough for all their hard work and support. From the initial conversation to discuss my options and potential jobs, to facilitating zoom meetings with my potential employer and supporting me in making the right decision for me. They were so thorough at every step and handled ALL the paperwork for me taking that burden off my shoulders. I honestly don’t think I could have done it without them, there were so many hoops to jump through but Transition made it seamless.

With the pandemic we had a very tough time getting over here, it was emotionally draining, Emma and Kirsty were there at every step to support us through it all and finally get us over here, I would highly recommend Transition medical to anyone looking to relocate to Australia, they are just wonderful.

Dr Jamie, Australia,  January 2022

I only have positive feedback for you and Transition Medical. Kirsty, Emma and the organisation have been amazing every step of the process. They helped me out with this huge amount of paperwork which made everything a lot easier!

Dr Steffie  NZ January 2022

Moving to the other side of the world seemed quite daunting at first but with the guidance I received from Emma and Kirsty, the whole process was made incredibly smooth despite the multiple hurdles along the way. I recommend transition medical every day of the week and twice on a Sunday!

Dr Ali, Australia October 2021

Thank you so much for facilitating our move to New Zealand; especially given the task of finding 2 GP placements. The whole process with transition medical was smooth from beginning to end and we felt there was a very personal approach to finding the right practice for us, with no pressure. Would 100% recommend Emma, Kirsty and the team to anyone looking to relocate (in fact, we are already telling our friends)

Dr Hannah and Dr Dan  NZ July 2021