The Cost of Living in New Zealand as a Doctor

How Does the Cost of Living and Working as a Doctor in New Zealand Compare to the UK?

Before you begin looking for GP jobs in New Zealand, you may want to consider the costs of living and working as a GP in New Zealand. Many of our GPs decide to move to New Zealand due to its warm climate, amazing scenery and the fabulous work/life balance available to doctors. We’ll discuss some of the basic expenses and costs to consider before accepting a GP job in New Zealand.

New Zealand Doctor Salary

New Zealand offers attractive doctor salaries. As you won’t need to pay high taxes (most of your income is taxed at maximum of 30 or 33%) or National Insurance contributions, your salary will go even further. On average, General Practitioners salaries vary between NZ$180 – $220K depending on experience and location. With an average wage of around £100K, GPs will easily be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Relocation & Accommodation Assistance for Doctors

Many GP jobs in New Zealand offer additional financial support to help with relocation. These are generally subject to negotiation and will need to be worked out with your employer. Many practices cover the cost of your practicing certificate and professional indemnity fees and we can negotiate relocation assistance for you.

New Zealand Housing Costs

The average house costs in New Zealand is £448K compared to the UK AT £228K so buying a house may seem considerably more. This will encompass more expensive areas such as central Auckland. However, the majority of our doctors relocate to other areas of New Zealand across the North and South Island further afield from Auckland where rental and house prices are much more affordable. For example buying a property in the beautiful Hawkes Bay is much more reasonable whilst still allowing a beautiful, coastal lifestyle.

Living Costs for GPs in New Zealand

We recently returned from a trip to New Zealand and found day to day costs to be fairly similar to the UK.

Some basic living costs are much cheaper in New Zealand than here in the UK while others are a little more expensive. In this ever changing world of cost of living it’s a difficult one to quantify however we find our GPs have a great standard of living.

Working in New Zealand as a Doctor

The demand for skilled workers in New Zealand is very high and we currently have plenty of GP jobs available across New Zealand. Our GPs report more favourable working conditions than in the UK as they are often given more time to study and are required to work fewer hours. On average, doctors in New Zealand are only expected to work 32 hours across four days. As a result, working in New Zealand as a GP often provides a better work/life balance and living standard than working in the UK.

Speak to Our GP Medical Recruitment Specialists

Thinking about relocating to New Zealand? Our experienced medical recruitment specialists are here to help. We can advise on everything from visa queries to questions about the cost of living in New Zealand. Speak to us today to get started on your move down under or browse some of our excellent GP jobs New Zealand.

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