Is there an age limit for GPs in Australia?

Age Limit for GPs in Australia and New Zealand

A question we’re asked so often is ‘am I too old to work in Australia or New Zealand, or ‘what is the age limit for working as a GP in Australia or New Zealand?

The answer is, there is no age limit. We have helped GPs ranging from newly qualified doctors through to GPs who have reached retirement, not ready to stop work and fancy a working holiday in New Zealand.

GP practices in Australia and New Zealand struggle to recruit within the home countries as there is a shortage of locally qualified doctors. GPs from the UK and Ireland and other comparable countries settle into life down under easily due to the comparability of training and experience.

Age Limit for Visas for Australia and New Zealand

It is likely that the first visa you apply for in either country is a temporary work visa. This is the fastest, cheapest and most straightforward way of working as a GP in Australia or New Zealand. Once you’ve secured a GP job, we will help you with your medical registration and visa applications. A temporary work visa allows you to start work and get to know the lifestyle and work environment first hand before committing to a more permanent visa. There is no age limit for temporary work visas for GPs in Australia or New Zealand. There are other factors you must meet such as health and good standing requirements which we can discuss in further detail.

Age Limit for Permanent Visas for GPs

If you are interested in applying for permanent residency then one of our Immigration Advisors can advise on the most appropriate route to PR in Australia or New Zealand.

There are upper age limits when applying for permanent residency which will depend on the type of visa applied for. To be eligible to apply for the Straight to Residence visa in New Zealand then you must apply before the age of 56.  To apply for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) then you must be under the age of 45. There are however other options and exemptions apply if you are sponsored by the practice and can meet other criteria. We have many doctors after the age of 45 who apply using this pathway/

Our specialist Immigration Advisors can advise on your individual circumstances. For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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