Review of DPA Jobs for GPs

What are Distribution Priority Areas (DPA for GPs)?

The Australian Government have a classification system known as Distribution Priority Area (DPA). All overseas trained GPs are required to work in these areas to access a Medicare provider number.

When classifying an area as DPA, the Department of Health take into consideration a range of factors such as demographics of patients and the socio economic status of patients living in a GP catchment area.

The DPA system considers demographics such as age and gender of patients and socio-economic status of patients living in a GP catchment area. It also considers the Medicare billings for the area compared to the benchmark for DPA.

The DPA also applies a number of blanket rules:

  • Inner metropolitan areas are automatically deemed non-DPA
  • Modified Monash (MM) 5 – 7 are automatically deemed DPA
  • Northern Territory is automatically deemed DPA

Changes to DPA Locations

The DPA map is updated each year in July. The DPA classification can change due to the changes in the workforce, or a change in the local population. Each year, some areas can lose and gain their DPA status. Removal of a DPA area is due to the area having a positive increase in the GP services for patients.

We anticipate the GP DPA map to change from the 1st July 2023. Although there is no guarantee of DPA areas losing or gaining status, we expect there will be some changes.

Current Australia GP Jobs

All our current GP vacancies are in DPA locations. This may change in the coming weeks so if you are interested in any specific GP jobs, particularly if they are close to the main cities then please do get in touch to discuss your circumstances.