What Do GPs Earn in New Zealand? (2023)

GP Salary New Zealand

If you’re thinking about working as a GP in New Zealand, then you are likely to be attracted by a beautiful country offering beaches, nature, outdoor adventures plus national parks for walking and biking.

You may also be thinking about the work – life balance which GPs in New Zealand enjoy and want to find out more about what life is like. One of the questions we’re often asked, is what the salary is for GPs in New Zealand. We will address these and answer your questions below.

A full time working week in New Zealand is 40 hours per week, over 5 days (10 sessions). In reality however, most GPs don’t work full time. The majority of the contracts we see are 32 hours per week which allows for a day off in the week although there is generally scope to work up to 10 sessions if you wish. The pace of work is also more relaxed with standard appointment times of 15 minutes. You can work fewer hours, however on a temporary work visa, the minimum number of hours required is 30 per week.

GP salaries in New Zealand can be stated as an hourly rate or an annual salary. GP income is around $200K – $220K for a full time position of 40 hours per week. This would be pro-rata for less than 10 sessions.

The current average GP Salary in New Zealand is $106.37 NZD per hour.

Contracts are employment agreements which also include paid annual leave and sick leave plus other benefits such as paid medical indemnity insurance, registration fees and sometimes relocation assistance.

How Do NZ Salaries Compare with the UK?

How your NZ GP income compares will depend on the type of practise in the UK. Salaried GPs may find their income slightly more or at least comparable. If however you are in a successful GP Partnership or busy doing Locum or Out of hours shifts, you may find income to be lower.

Money however, is not everything, and what attracts GPs to New Zealand is the lifestyle. It offers a relaxed pace of life, amazing (free!) outdoor and indoor activities for the family, and a well run healthcare system where GPs are looked after.

We have placed many doctors in New Zealand who find the people very friendly and life much more relaxed. If you would like to find out more about working in New Zealand please do get in touch with our team!

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