GP Salary Australia: How Much Can You Earn in 2024?

You may be thinking about relocating to Australia and want to know more about your GP salary in Australia. Here we give you a 2024 breakdown of what your income could be.

GPs in Australia generally earn a good income and can afford a comfortable lifestyle. In the majority of cases, GPs relocating from the UK earn at least the same for doing fewer hours per week. One of our doctors has described working in Australia

‘Life in Australia – people are friendly, you see fewer patients and have longer appointment times for more pay.’

Click here to see Emma’s video testimonial about life as a GP in Australia.

Australia GP Salary 2024

Figures from a 2024 industry report, state that GPs average around $360 – $380K AUD. This figure reflects a full  time role working more than 32 hours per week.

Your GP salary in Australia will be variable dependant on a number of factors including:

  • The total hours you work
  • The number of patients you see
  • The percentage you receive
  • How many weeks annual leave you take
  • The complexity of the patient consultation

General practices in Australia operate as private businesses, either owned by a single GP, GP Partners or larger companies. The majority of practices operate as mixed billing where they see a mix of patients who are privately billed or bulk billed through Medicare.

Usually, patients who are under 16, over 65 and hold health cards are bulk billed and everyone else is private billed. The standard consultation fee for the practice will remain the same when the patient is bulk billed and may vary between practices when privately billed. Recent Medicare statistics report that in the year 2022 – 2023, 51.7% of patients are routinely bulk billed, 25.6% usually bulk billed, 12.2% sometimes bulk billed and 10.5% never bulk billed.

How much will I earn as a GP in Australia?

As we’ve discussed, the average income reported is around $360K per year. This figure will be dependent on the above factors and may be more or less dependent on the way you work. Some of our practices have GPs there earning more than $500K per year and some earning $300K to work a 3 day week. It’s up to you!

Please do get in touch with one of our team to find out more about your move to Australia.

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