Australian Medical Registration gets easier for UK Doctors

Navigating the Australian regulatory system and AHPRA registration for GPs and other Medical Specialists is complex and has increasingly become more so over the years. In comparison to other countries, Australia’s medical registration and visa application process is more expensive and takes longer.

This has led to the Independent review of Overseas Health Practitioners known as the ‘Kruk report.’ The findings of which have just been released.

You can read the final report here however we have outlined the significant changes which will make your transition to Australia much smoother:


 The Australian Health Practitioner Agency (AHPRA) welcomed the findings of the Kruk review into the health practitioner regulatory settings and has implemented some significant changes.

From the 18th December:

  • Overseas based applicants will no longer need to attend in in-person ID check meaning you can apply for your Provider number whilst in your home country and have no wait to start work when you arrive.

Additional to this, since the interim Kruk report review, the average assessment time for international applications has reduced from 29 days to 10 days meaning there is less time to wait for your AHPRA registration assessment.

By streamlining the process, AHPRA are ensuring that overseas trained GPs and doctors will have a reduced administrative burden and reduce costs.

With the recent AHPRA changes announced plus the recent news of the RACGP removing the 10 clinical case studies, it’s allowing an easier pathway for UK GPs to work in Australia. This is just the positive news we were expecting to hear. If you’d like to find out how these changes impact your medical registration application or if you have any questions please do get in touch.