School Fees Australia for Temporary Residents

Australia School System

As a GP relocating to Australia, you want to make sure you find not only the right job, but the right location for your family. For those relocating with children, schooling is an important factor and making sure your family settle is key.

The great news is, the standard of education in Australia is world class. The Human Development Index (HDI) ranked Australia 5th  out of 174 countries in the world. This is calculated using the high GDP, literacy and education and quality of life.

It’s useful to know the options for education and the costs you may incur on a temporary (482) work visa. In this blog, we have outlined the costs involved.

Schooling in Australia

You will have the choice to send your children to public, state funded schools, faith schools and private education. This is very similar to our system in the UK. Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 16.

Private Education in Australia

If you wish to send your child to a private school in Australia, then you should begin this process early on in the relocation process and contact schools. All private schools will charge a fee for your child to attend and this fee is governed by the individual school. It is likely you will be a registration fee prior to your move.

Independent schools are non-profit and will cater to a variety of students with unique values. There are approximately 1200 private schools in Australia out of almost 10,000 schools.

Private School Guide

State Education in Australia

To gain admission to your desired state school, similar to the UK, you must generally live within the geographic boundary of the school district. Each State and Territory has different regulations and its own Department of Education.

Although state education in Australia is essentially free, some schools may add a voluntary contribution. In addition, you may need to pay for school uniform, books and stationery items.

Some states also charge an annual fee for children attending school whilst on a temporary work visa (Subclass 482) The majority of our GPs will start their work life on this employer sponsored visa.

School fees for dependent subclass 482 visa holders Applicants for a TSS visa may include dependent family members in their application. The schooling fees vary depending on the state or territory the subclass 482 visa holders reside in.

New South Wales (NSW) – Between $5600 – $6400 per child

Victoria – No applicable fees

Queensland – No applicable fees

Western Australia – $4000 per annum regardless of number of children enrolled

South Australia (greater Adelaide only)  – Between $5900 and $7000

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) – No applicable Fees

Northern Territory (NT) – No applicable fees

Tasmania – No applicable fees

Once you move to a permanent work visa then these fees for state schools no longer apply. Please get in touch with us if you would like a full breakdown of the applicable costs and exemptions for each state.

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