How to give yourself the best chance of finding your dream GP Job

Finding a GP Job in Australia and New Zealand

When looking to make the move the other side of the world, we understand there are many considerations to factor in from location to GP jobs in Australia to which school to send your children. Transition Medical take pride in helping you secure the right job in your ideal location which meets your needs for financial, lifestyle and career aspirations. We are often asked by GPs what they do to make them more appealing to a practice and give them the best chance at finding their dream GP job.

We have provided a few pointers below:

  • Hold comparable qualifications and experience, UK and Irish trained GPs are particularly in demand due to comparability for specialist registration.
  • Your clinical interests – None required, most practices are looking for good all round GPs. If you do have a particular clinical interest, the right practice for you will be one which can support and encourage your interest and skills.
  • Your CV – we will help you bring this together and help you identify elements which make you stand out to get you the best role.
  • Be available and committed – if there is a role which really appeals to you, start the conversations sooner than later so you don’t miss out.
  • Get in touch with us around 12 months before you want to move – this gives us plenty of time to talk things through and put a plan together to find you the right role.
  • Commit for 1-2 years; although we do get contracts for less than this, to give yourself the best possible chance you need to sign up for 12 months minimum for New Zealand and 24 months for Australia.
  • Be flexible – we work hard to match your lifestyle, financial and career aspirations. The right job for you may be slightly further afield than where you thought.
  • Be honest and open with us. We won’t be able to find your ideal position if we don’t know what you’re looking for.

To find out more about working in Australia or New Zealand please get in touch