Considering Migrating to Australia as a GP? Your FAQs Answered Here

There have been quite a few changes to the visa and registration process for GPs looking to move to Australia.  Here we answer your most frequent questions regarding the changes. 

Where can I work? –  In an area which is DPA, MMM2 (or MMM1 if RACGP approved) plus a Health Workforce certificate. Generally, areas, where we can find jobs, are Darwin, Canberra, Perth, Sunshine Coast, then regional cities such as Rockhampton, Busselton, Broome, Mackay.  Check out the workforce locator map here to check the geographical classification of any location in Australia

How long are the contracts – Generally 2 years – with some more rural practices may consider 12 months 

How long does the paperwork take? – Approximately 8 months from job acceptance to visa approval 

Do I have to work under supervision? Yes initially but just for 6 months if you’re substantially comparable. A period of self -reflection, peer review and clinical case analysis. No exams if substantially comparable. 

Will my earnings be affected? – No in fact, while completing the new program, you will have access to the full Medicare rebate (A1 rates) This means you bill the same as a vocationally recognised GP whilst working towards FRACGP. 

What is the Practice Experience Program (PEP) Specialist Stream? It provides a pathway for international medical graduates with overseas specialist qualifications to gain Fellowship with the RACGP. Please visit the PEP Specialist Stream webpage for more details.

Will I still get specialist registration? Yes once all Fellowship requirements have been met. 

What is WBA? – completed 3-6 months from commencing employment, provides a framework for evaluating performance and progress in practice. 

What’s does the new pathway to Fellowship look like? 

Do I need to sit exams on the new Pathway?

After satisfactorily completing all of the program requirements, substantially comparable participants will be eligible to apply for FRACGP. Partially comparable participants are eligible to enrol in the Fellowship exams after completing the WBA requirements.

If you are considering a move or just want to chat through options we have a dedicated team who will guide you through every step of the whole process. Visit our latest vacancies or contact us directly here.

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