GP Job Wollongong – Beautiful natural setting offering plenty of adventure

Fantastic opportunity especially if interested in Women's Health and skin cancer services.
  • 1 hour drive from Sydney
  • Excellent earning potential
  • Development opportunity for skin cancer services
  • First class facilities
  • Plenty of support

GP Job – The Practice

The Practice was established over 45 years ago and has been serving the community since. In 2017 the practice underwent a complete rebuild and the facilities are now first class. There are a large number of families where multiple generations have been coming to the practice.

The practice is privately owned by four health professionals who have had a long involvement with medical centre ownership. The current owners purchased the practice from the three doctor partners to facilitate the partners desire to reduce their workload and move into retirement. The three former owners continue to work in the practice.

It has ten consulting rooms, a two bed treatment room, pathology collection room, nurses room, administration office and large tea room. The practice is fully air conditioned and as the practice was recently rebuilt all the facilities are modern and at a very high standard. The opening hours are 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12 noon on Saturday. Most days there are 2 to 3 practitioners on and standard appointments are 15 minutes although doctors can arrange their appointments how they prefer. It has a 2 bed treatment room, immunisation fridge, oxygen, CPR, wound dressing trolley and equipment, ear syringe equipment, ECG, spirometry, iron infusion equipment, doppler and other standard equipment you would find in a well-appointed treatment room. There is a dedicate practice manager and six administration staff. The practice is fully accredited.

In addition, the practice has a podiatrist and social worker. There is a pathology collection service at the practice.

There are a large number of young families as well as elderly patients as there are a number of age facilities in the region. The area has a large amount of chronic disease patients.

This is a bulk billing practice but due to the prevalence of patients with a chronic disease there is a good opportunity to engage in GPMPs etc and the average of billings per patient at the practice is over $60 per patient.

With doctors retiring there is a large patient demand and the opportunity to engage in chronic disease management. Our doctors regularly bill over $3,000 per day.

There is a very large patient demand in the area. Due to the aging doctor population and a drop in the number of doctors in the area. The practice averages approximately 5 patients per hour. A new doctor would expect to see this many patient from the day they commence.

The Location

Wollongong and about 1.5 hours South of Sydney. It delivers a mix of metropolitan style, coastal living just over an hour from Sydney city centre. It is the third largest city in New South Wales with easy travel to Sydney.

It is set up a beautiful natural setting, with superb beaches, adventure activities, plenty of sporting activities and paths for walking and cycling. The area is multi-cultural with around 39% born overseas, mainly from the UK and mainland Europe.

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