Your New Zealand GP Visa questions answered

GP Visa Options for New Zealand

As a GP relocating to New Zealand, there are both temporary and permanent visa options open to you, so long as you meet the criteria. The occupation ‘General Practitioner’ is on New Zealand’s Long-Term Skill Shortage List which gives you allows you eligibility to apply for a visa.

To meet the required standard, you need to hold NZ registration within a relevant provisional general, general, provisional vocational or vocational scope of practice with the Medical Council of New Zealand. This is something we will advise on once we have helped you secure a GP job in New Zealand.

NZ Temporary Visa Applications

The Essential Skills Work Visa is the most commonly used visa type if you have been offered a job and you are planning on a temporary stay. You must have the necessary skills and experience and be registered accordingly. This visa will be granted for the length of your contract up to a maximum of 5 years. You will also be required to meet general requirements such as character and health criteria.

You will be able to support visa applications for your Partner and any dependent children. With this visa you can work for an employer who has offered you a full-time position deemed as 30 hours per week or more.

Will I need a Medical?

If you are planning on staying in New Zealand for longer than 12 months then you will be required to have a medical examination and chest x-ray. Children younger than 11 and pregnant women do not need a chest x-ray unless a special report is needed. All medicals and chest X-rays are required to be completed by a Panel Doctor. We will advise you further of this and recommend where to have your medical done if required.

Bringing Partners and Children to New Zealand

If you are applying for a New Zealand visa based on your relationship, you and your partner will need to meet certain criteria.

  • Your partnership needs to be genuine and stable.
  • You must be living with your partner.
  • You must meet health and character requirements.
  • You must have the support of your partner.

A marriage certificate is suitable as evidence of being in a committed relationship. If you do not have this then you will need to provide evidence of living together. We will advise directly on your current circumstances.

Your dependent children can apply to join you in New Zealand. Generally, dependency is shown to be up to the age of 19 and fully dependant on you financially.

NZ Permanent Resident Visa Applications

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa allows you to live, work and study indefinitely in New Zealand providing you are 55 years of age or under. Your partner and dependent children aged 24 years and under can be included in your residence application. This is a points-based application currently requiring 160 points or above.

Work to Residence Visa is a temporary visa for up to 30 months but will allow you to apply for residence status after 24 months if you have a permanent or long-term job offer and you meet the work, qualification, age, health and character requirements.

Essential Skills Work Visa would be an option if you have been offered a job and you are planning on a temporary stay only. You must have the necessary skills and experience and be registered accordingly. This visa can be approved for up to five years duration.

How we Help

Here at Transition Medical, we don’t just find you the GP job of your dreams, we also manage your paperwork from start to finish. We have a specialist team on hand to guide you through the registration paperwork and once complete our Immigration Advisor at the Emigration Group will advise on the most suitable visa for you and your family. And this is all free of charge!

For further information or to discuss your circumstances directly please get in touch with one of the team here at Transition Medical.

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