The Advantages Of Using A Recruitment Agency

Are you a GP moving to Australia or New Zealand?

The prospect of practising medicine in these countries can be exhilarating, offering opportunities for professional growth, cultural exploration, and a high quality of life.

However, navigating the complex process of securing employment overseas can be daunting.  In this blog, we’ll explore why engaging the services of a recruitment agency such as Transition Medical is a smart move for doctors embarking on this exciting journey.

Expertise in Overseas Placements

We can provide invaluable expertise and experience in facilitating transitions and understand the unique requirements involved in securing medical positions. From visa applications to registration processes, we can streamline your relocation, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your family. We understand the importance of work-life balance and work with like-minded practices, as such we will help negotiate hours and overtime commitments meaning you can have that much-sought-after balance.

Negotiating Salary and Relocation costs

Negotiating salary and benefits can be daunting, especially in another country when they use a different system. We will negotiate salary and benefits on your behalf, ensuring you receive an offer reflecting your skills, expertise, and market rate.

Access to Exclusive GP Job Opportunities

We maintain close relationships with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organisations across both countries, giving you access to exclusive job opportunities that may not be advertised publicly. We also have a wide range of job opportunities giving you more choices and increasing the chances of us finding you the right role.

Efficient and Time-Saving Process

Attempting to navigate the job market in Australia or New Zealand independently can be time-consuming and inefficient. We have procedures in place to expedite the job search and placement process, ensuring that you secure employment promptly.

Ongoing Support and Assistance Throughout

Our assistance doesn’t end once you’ve secured a job offer.  We will continue to offer assistance and support throughout the medical registration and visa application processes. Read our GP testimonials to find out what our doctors who we’ve helped have found our services.

Transition Medical offers numerous advantages for doctors seeking employment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re considering moving Down Under, we can offer exciting opportunities to help you realise your professional ambitions. Please get in touch to find out more.