How to prepare financially for your move Down Under

Making the big move to Australia can be financially lucrative. A full-time GP can expect to make on average between $250,000 to $300,000 per annum, with some GPs earning much more.

But how much do you know about the taxation, pension and overall financial system in Australia?
We find that many doctors are unsure where to look when considering the financial implications of moving Down Under.

At Transition Medical we like our GPs to be successful not only in finding a great position, but also a better lifestyle and financial security.

We have therefore decided to start offering a unique online financial education course specifically aimed at doctors who are moving to Australia. We have exclusively partnered with Medico CFO, a leading Australian online education provider for Doctors.

Their courses have been accredited by the Royal Australian College of GPs (RACGP) for 40 CPD points, and have also been endorsed by various other prestigious medical colleges.

The Personal Finance course is particularly suited for migrant doctors, as evidenced by the following testimonial from Dr Tufail, who is a migrant doctor himself:

‘This is great. There is so much information in the course. I didn’t know a lot of things that are clear in my mind now. I will definitely recommend every doctor to do the course. This course will help me in my future planning and understand the concepts of tax and super. This course is excellent and $995 is worth spending to save thousands in the future.’

The course consists of videos and audio files that can be viewed online anytime/anywhere or downloaded to your device. There are also course notes if you wish to learn about certain concepts such as Australian income tax, superannuation, etc in more detail.

You can view the full list of topics on the MedicoCFO website

Thanks to our partnership with Medico CFO we are able to offer this course at the discounted rate of $995 instead of $2,995.

To find out more and purchase the course at a discounted rate, please visit MedicoCFO quoting COLLEGE