Hear what other GPs have to say about our GP relocation service

We have recently received some wonderful feedback from a Dutch GP we’ve helped secure their new role in New Zealand. Dr Lex is currently working as a GP on NZ’s north island and has sent in a few words and a great photo. When we asked for feedback and if and how we could improve our service he responded with this…

‘Walk me through the airport and carry my bags 🙂 – no you guys were the best, I could not think of anything. You responded always, were always available when I called and came up with great ideas with me asking such as applying for a work to residence visa. Thanks Emma, Kirsty and the whole team!

We wish Lex and his family all their best for their new life down under. It was a pleasure to help them find a great new role and life in New Zealand.

If you would like to find out more about what life is like in New Zealand as a GP please do get in touch