Changes to DWS

The DWS areas in Australia are likely to be changing next month (February 2017). This may mean that certain locations are no longer DWS so if you are thinking about relocating to Australia please get in touch with Transition Medical today.

Overseas trained GPs in Australia are required to work in a District of Workforce Shortage also known as DWS.  This is a geographical area in which the local population has less access to Medicare subsidised services compared with the national average. DWS is put in place by the Australian Government to achieve an equitable distribution of medical services across Australia.

The Department of Health is responsible for making DWS determinations and this is reviewed and subject to change annually. The DWS restrictions are in place for up to 10 years after you gain registration, known as the ’10 year moratorium.’

DWS changes now changes every February. This may mean that some areas in Australia will lose their DWS status and restrict the number of opportunities for overseas trained GPs. If you think this may affect you please get in touch to discuss your opportunities.