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Benefits of working as a GP in Australia and New Zealand

We speak to GPs every day about their motivations for moving down under. Many cite unfavourable changes in NHS and working conditions. Others have had a life long dream of living and working overseas with Australia and New Zealand providing the perfect climate and lifestyle to fulfil that dream.

Whatever your push or pull factors (perhaps both) we’ve highlighted some of the benefits of making that move down under.

‘I have found the working conditions, flexibility, capacity for earning and, above all, lifestyle for my family and I to be far superior to my experience in the UK.’ Dr Charles

Ease of GP Transition

With UK qualifications and/or experience from a comparable country you are likely to transition into general practice in Australia and NZ with relative ease. There are, of course, differences in the healthcare systems but your day to day clinical practice is likely to be quite similar.

You have a wider scope to practice clinical interests

The majority of clinics are well set up for minor injuries and surgery, occupational assessments, skin cancer clinic plus chronic disease care.

The GP workload is less intense than the UK

Your focus is spending time with your patients in clinic – some GPs have 15 minute appointment times and there are usually no home visits or telephone consultations. With the additional benefit of less paperwork!

“ I can heartily recommend (moving to New Zealand) as a breath of fresh air to any UK GP who does not enjoy NHS bureaucracy and obstructiveness.”

GP Lifestyle

Australia and New Zealand are consistently at the top of Lifestyle indicators. Residents enjoy a high quality of life, a superb education and health system, a stable economic and political environment, clean and safe surroundings along with a fantastic climate allowing for that enviable outdoor lifestyle.

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