7 Reasons to Relocate as a GP to New Zealand

7 Reasons why you need to Relocate as a GP to New Zealand

High Quality of Life for GPs

New Zealand frequently tops ‘most liveable’ surveys. New Zealand was rated 9th for Quality of Life in a 2020 Numbeo survey, with the UK at number 23.  Auckland topped the list in the World’s most liveable cities in 2021. New Zealand is a well developed country with a high quality of life which comes from the laid-back lifestyle, friendly locals, positive work-life balance and short commuting time.

Safe, friendly place to bring up a family

New Zealand was ranked as the 2nd safest country in the 2021 Global Peace Index. There’s not even any dangerous wildlife to contend with!

Leading Education System

All eight of New Zealand’s universities appeared in the top 500 QS World University Rankings 2015/16, with 50% of them in the top 250. New Zealand has a reputation as a provider of quality education offering excellent study opportunities and support services in a safe learning environment. Read our New Zealand Schools blog here

Relatively Low Cost of Living

One independent international survey ranked Auckland 58th in the world in terms of its cost of living, and Wellington 75th, far better than other major cities. Such cities included Hong Kong (3), Singapore (4), New York (16), London (25), Sydney (26), Melbourne (33) and Guangzhou (31) – showing that comparatively, New Zealand’s major metropolitan areas are more affordable.  Read our blog post on New Zealand Cost of living for GPs

Great Climate

Summers are generally warm and dry while winters are relatively mild and wet. Most major cities in New Zealand get over 2000 sunshine hours per year compared to a UK average of just over 1400.  This allows for a much more outdoor lifestyle for the whole family.

GP Jobs in New Zealand

As a GP you can expect to earn around £80 – £100K, dependant on the number of sessions worked. Tax rate is generally lower than the UK. You will enjoy a relaxed working environment, lots of support, less paperwork and 15 minute consultations with patients.

Wonderful outdoor activities

New Zealand is a relatively small island and easy to navigate. It boasts glorious sandy beaches, mountains, lakes and fjords. You can, within a short drive of most cities, find spots to swim, visit wineries, ski and get involved in adventure activities.

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