DWS Changes – Australia

The previous District of Workforce legislation for overseas trained GPs has been replaced by Distribution Priority Areas. The Distribution Priority Area (DPA) classification identifies areas in Australia with a shortage of medical practitioners.
The DPA regions came into effect on the 1st July 2019 in an effort to better identify areas of doctor shortage.

As a guide, DPA areas are automatically given to areas which are

Other locations can be classified as DPA if they meet a specific benchmark that determines the level of health services in an area. This benchmark also considers gender & age demographics and the socio-economic status of patients. The average level of health services under MM2 is the benchmark for international medical graduates. Generally the DPA classification doesn’t apply to inner city areas of the state capitals such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne etc.

For further information on the individual areas to search see the Department of Health map

Although the DPA areas are a good indicator of where you can work as a GP in Australia, if you need practice sponsorship for your visa then the Practice must also be able to apply for a Health Workforce certificate. This is location specific and must be applied for on an individual application basis.

If you are considering a GP job in Australia at the moment then please do get in touch with one of our team to discuss further.

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